Two and a Half Minute Presentations

My heart was racing and my palms were sweaty when my professor pressed record and I began to present.

This past week in my MCOM class, we focused on improving our presentation skills. We prepared a two and half minute presentation about any topic that we liked. We presented in two rounds with each round being recorded. Our grade was determined by our improvement from the first round to the second.

For round one, I was nervous to present and intimidated by being recorded. However, after I finished presenting and had gone home, I watched myself on the video and read the comments left by my fellow classmates. I had always considered myself a good public speaker and felt like I couldn’t identify what were the things I could improve on. As I watched, my classmates helped me learn how to improve my presentation by telling me things I had not noticed or thought of before.


I wrote down the suggestions to improve from my classmates and practiced them over and over again.

A girl standing at the front
This is me presenting in the second round.

By the second round, I felt more relaxed and prepared. I knew that I had improved and I gave my two and a half minute presentation with confidence.


As I give presentations in the future, I know the best way to improve my presentation skills is to practice, receive feedback and practice some more. Becoming a better presenter will help me more successful in whatever industry I find myself in.

6 thoughts on “Two and a Half Minute Presentations”

  1. Presenting can be very nerve-racking! As with just about anything, practice makes perfect. The ability to present your ideas, passions, and thoughts coherently and effectively is a valuable skill to cultivate.

  2. I like how you state that the best way is to incorporate feedback and practice more. I have always considered myself as alright at public speaking and it was amazing to see all of the little things that I did and after practice and more practice, was able to improve my speaking skills. Being a better presenter will really allow you to be more successful in any industry you choose to go into

  3. It really was daunting, but I don’t think your nerves were apparent. I agree with the practical applications of this assignment. I see the skills learned helping me in the future.

  4. I think you did awesome the first time and even better the second! I think that is a great attribute that you have that you are willing to listen to what other people have to say and integrate it in your own life!

  5. Jo, you did so well during your presentation. I noticed a contrast between your first and second presentation. I could tell that you really cared about the content that you were sharing. I find it interesting that you felt so nervous, because you didn’t give off a nervous vibe at all!

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