The Value of Being a Risk Taker

There are some couples that like to rock the boat. They would move out of state, splurge on a big purchase, or go on vacation on a whims notice. These couples are risk takers. They enjoy living on the edge and the uncertainty that comes with it.

Flowers on a hillside during a hike in Temecula, CA

I would classify my husband and myself being on the opposite spectrum as a risk manager. A risk manager means you do everything you can to have a plan to mitigate the risk. We have a plan that lays out the best path for peace in our relationship and financial security now and in the future.

However, this year we have made some decisions that would almost classify us as risk takers. From changing jobs, accepting internships in another state for the summer, buying a new car, and making a spontaneous trip to California, we have definitely “rocked our boat”.


Husband and Wife in Temecula, CA
My husband and I visiting family in Temecula, CA.

As we returned from California on Sunday, my husband and I reflected on some advice we received from a friend. Our friend and his wife also are “risk managers” but found themselves taking unexpected risks that changed their lives. Their advice to us was that to progress in life, we have to take risks with faith that it will all work out. As we do so we will see the growth in ourselves as we look back.

My husband and I reflected on the risks we have recently taken. As we thought, I was humbled and filled with gratitude as I realized that we had grown stronger as a couple and I have learned things I would never have learned without our experiences.

Today, I would like to give the same advice for risk managers like me and my husband. Taking (smart) risks are an important part of life that helps us progress, learn, and grow. Don’t be afraid of the unknown, it can be the event that changes your life forever.

4 thoughts on “The Value of Being a Risk Taker”

  1. I think it’s good to have a healthy balance between managing risks, while also taking necessary leaps of faith like you said! It is part of the learning and growing process that we are meant to experience. And I think as we do take those risks, we learn how to better manage risks in the future.

  2. Smart risks are the only way we grow. I can be bad at taking risks, but when I do, it usually results in me learning something important about myself. I think it’s great to take them at this stage of life, because it allows us to experience so much growth.

  3. Great thought! I find that there is certainly no growth in the comfort zone, yet rarely is their comfort in the growth zone either!

  4. My husband and I are definitely risk managers as well. I love your advice and hope to incorporate it into our lives as well. I know there are certain situations where we cannot plan and prepare for every aspect. I know with all of my siblings starting a family was a big risk and leap of faith. In some situations the pregnancy went as planned but in others there were some surprises that popped up and had to be adjusted to. However, they were great learning experiences for them and for me!

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