Someone I Met

I recently met my nephew, Nolan. He was born on January 21, 2017, to two very excited parents and a very unknowing 1-year-old sister.

Girl holding a new born baby boy

I loved being able to hold that new baby in my arms. He is so small. He is completely dependent on his parents and cannot care for himself. Sometimes I like to reflect on when I was younger and relied completely on my parents.

I grew up in a small town and spent most of my time outdoors in the fields surrounding my house. I would usually image games in my head and use the scenery as my props.

I specifically remember imagining how wonderful it will be to be an adult. I wanted to drive my own car, attend college, marry my best friend, and raise a family. Nothing sounded like more fun than being an adult.

Now that I am an adult, I find that being an adult requires work and sacrifice. I pay to drive my own car. I pay to go to school and my husband and I work together to have a strong relationship. While there are wonderful things about being a “grown-up”. There is a beautiful thing about a child and their innocence and dependence.

I find happiness where I am in life. If I could teach Nolan a secret to many secrets of happiness, it would be to find happiness in whatever situation you find yourself in.

Take a moment and reflect on when you were a kid. Did you always want to grow up? Or did you think like Peter Pan and plan on staying a child forever? What makes you happy now that you never imagined would make you happy as a kid.


2 thoughts on “Someone I Met”

  1. I definitely agree that there is tremendous value in being able to find the happiness in a given situation. I think it’s too easy to say “when I have this…” or “when I do this…then I will be happy.” Instead of placing our happiness as some sort of achievement, I think it is much more important to be able to find the happiness that is around us. Thank you for your example.

  2. I totally agree with you. Although it’s not always bad, I do often find myself thinking just how great my life will be in the future when i’m married, have an adorable baby, etc. It’s important that we don’t let these thoughts warp our idea of a happy future. If we set unrealistic expectations, it can cause us to question what happiness really is. Thanks for the insights!

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