Inspiration from “Elsewhere”

We all struggle with the inspiration of what to write about at times. This is commonly called writer’s block.

I found myself suffering from writer’s block as I brainstormed of an experience or topic to write about for this week’s blog post. I thought something would come to me if I just started writing whatever came to mind. I was searching for some spark of inspiration.

As I wrote, I found my writing transitioning from positive experiences to negative ones. By the end of the page, I was venting my feelings of self-criticism.

I was disgusted about what I wrote about myself. With no inspiration from the paragraphs I had just written, I decided to go look for inspiration elsewhere.

My search took me to a short blog post by Al Carraway, more famously known as the “Tattooed Mormon”.

This entry was titled: I Hope You Feel Empowered.

After reading this post, I was reminded that we all get down on ourselves, it is not just me. We are our best and worst critic. Sometimes we don’t give ourselves enough credit or cut ourselves enough slack.

To quote Al Carraway, she says:

I hope you feel empowered with exactly who you are.
Because with God, you have ALL the power.
Absolutely never forget who you are & Whose you are.
Absolutely never forget that you have divinity inside of you.
Your God, a perfect creator who crafted worlds without number felt the need to create & perfectly craft YOU.
Needed. Wanted. Essential.
Our perfect creator created you perfectly.
That is the reality. That is power.

I am a child of God. I have talents and strengths that I have been blessed with. I am special and wonderful because

I am



3 thoughts on “Inspiration from “Elsewhere””

  1. I love this Jolene! It is so true! Sometime we find ourselves focusing on only the negative things about us and don’t remember all of the good things! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I was also having writer’s block this week. Luckily, I changed my fuel filter and was able to write about that. I am glad your search landed you somewhere positive and you were not left with the negative things you wrote.

  3. I loved what you said. Everyone really is always hardest on themselves. Negative thoughts get us nowhere though. I agree that if we allow ourselves to steep in our own self-pity, than all it does is make us feel worse! Positive thinking is super powerful for sure.

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