Fulfilling a Childhood Dream

Laptop open to show solid-state drive

Last Sunday, I learned how to change the hard drive out of my laptop and replace it with a solid-state drive. My computer is a refurbished ASUS that was purchased in 2012. With its age, the laptop had begun to slow down.

To help speed my laptop up, my husband purchased a new solid state drive from Amazon.com. Letting me do all the work, my husband coached me on how to replace my hard drive.

I had a blast opening up the back of my laptop and carefully installing the new solid state drive. Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved electronics and have wanted to learn more about it. It was a dream come true as I was guided step by step by my husband.

We all have things we want to learn. Whether it’s something technical like coding or artistic like drawing. I learned that learning new things just takes the initiative to begin the process and follow along step by step.

To continue my initiative of self-learning, I plan to learn something new. My self-project has begun with me writing my first android app.

When was a time you learned something new that fulfilled a childhood dream?

2 thoughts on “Fulfilling a Childhood Dream”

  1. I love how you help each other learn and grow in each others passions! It’s the best way to learn (being tutored by someone who knows what you are trying to learn) and quite possibly the best way to develop stronger relationships (working with each other to achieve a common goal).

  2. I think that is so awesome Jolene! I think its always necessary for us to keep trying new things. If we aren’t progressing in life are we really living?

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