“Power Stance” in the Testing Center

This week, I watched the Ted talk “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are” by Amy Cuddy.

Amy Cuddy explained in her talk that our body language affects our own mood. When we cross our arms, bend over and make ourselves smaller, our self-confidence lowers and our stress rises. When we open our arms, sit up and assume power stances, our self-confidence rises and our stress lowers.

Today, social pressures and standards cause people to feel stressed and self-conscious about themselves. It is common knowledge about the social pressures, but when I learned that my own body language affects my self-confidence, I decided to make a change.

Amy Cuddy explained that posing in a more powerful and open stance for two minutes is all it takes to raise your self-confidence and lower your stress. I decided to put this formula to the test.

While I took an extremely tough and stressful exam Thursday, I took a few minutes to open my body and put myself in the best power stance I could manage. After a few minutes, I was shocked to feel a slight difference inside me. I felt relaxed. What I noticed most was while I was posing in my “power stance”, positive thoughts began flowing through my brain. Thoughts like “I can do this. I have studied and am prepared. I am smart.”

I’m not sure if sitting in my power stance in the testing center helped raise my test scores or not, but I definitely felt a slight difference in my confident and positivity. I think from now on, I will take a few minutes to take my “power stance” before I enter into any stressful moment or event. I challenge my readers to do the same with me.

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  1. Yup body language is pretty fascinating. Although I also think that it’s something we’ve always known, it’s just been brought to our attention that we do it. I mean everyone can tell when a presenter is nervous or keeps to themselves or is outgoing or is one of those people that will just talk your ear off, but it’s rare when you realize you’re showing it.

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