House on Fire

Last weekend I learned how much I love my hometown and where I am from.

I grew up in the beautiful country of southeastern Utah. I am from a small town near the four corners.

Southern Utah is a beautiful country with a rich Native American history. While we were there, my husband and I went with my dad to visit some of the local archaeological sites of Anasazi ruins.

I was stunned by the beauty of the land around us as we hiked to the ruin. The canyon was serene and the ground was damp with fresh rain.

If you examine the picture above, pay special attention to the rocks above the ruin. This specific ruin is named House of Fire. Does it look like it is on fire to you?

Living up here in Provo has been a blessing for me in my life and sometimes, I get caught up in the moment. After returning home, I realized that is important to be proud of my upbringing and background. Going back to the roots can be refreshing for those who feel weighed down by the worries of life.

We have plans to return to southeastern Utah soon and enjoy the pleasantries and wonders that are waiting for us there.

2 thoughts on “House on Fire”

  1. I really like your idea of being proud of your upbringing and looking at your roots. I think especially in college, we get caught up with looking at the future, but looking at your past brings a new perspective. I find that as I think about my childhood, I think about how blessed I have been and I can see all the support I have had. When I remember that, I have more faith in what the future holds.
    And beautiful picture!! I don’t blame you for being proud of where you are from!

  2. I, myself, am a big archaeology nerd, especially regarding the Native Americans of North and South America. I think that the settlements of cliff-dwellers are so awesome! Not only do their houses look amazing being part of a cliff, but they literally showed why their house becomes a home. Especially as the House on Fire shows, history comes alive. We talk about “building a home”, but like your example shows, this gives a new meaning to the term. They literally embrace their past, as well as their present, and future.

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